Bottle Brusheze, a new simple to use way to clean bottles, whether narrow necked water bottles, a toddler’s sippy cup, or your pre-teen’s juice cup these vessels have to be cleaned, and cleaned well. The conventional means are just not enough. Stick them in the dish washer and ┬árun it a few times? Let it soak in the sink a few days? These are wasteful and annoying and possibly detrimental to your family’s hygiene, if not their patience. With bottle brusheze, you can just tick it in the bottle, run water, and shake. The coarse sponge pad rub any unwanted juice stains off the bottle helping to make it good as new, or in some cases newer.

“Just drop one in, Give it a spin,

Shake it aboutk, and pour it out.

Cleaning the nipple, is just as simple!

If you have a cap, well, that’s a snap!

Use bottle brusheze as your solution.

Welcome to the cleaning revolution!

Bottle Brusheze!”